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Company profile - Elgad Fiberglass
Ilana Gadka - CEO

Elgad Company founded in 1995. The company imports and markets a wide range of raw materials for the fiberglass industry and the arts. Elgad is one of the leading companies in its field, and has a high reputation. Seniority and experience gained over the years, provides Elgad the ability to offer professional, reliable and quality Solutions. Our large Diverse of satisfied customers, belonging to government agencies , schools, industrial and product design , decor , textile , fashion ,boats, surfboards , fiberglass pools, automotive etc. ,is the best testimony to the fast and reliable service providing personal care to every client . Elgad located at Rival 5 (corner of David Street Eliasberg parallel sages ) Tel Aviv. Hours: Sunday - Thursday - 16:00 to 9:0 Friday - 13:00 to 9:00
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